"Pure Single" Rum Gift Pack

"Pure Single" Rum Gift Pack

"Pure Single" Rum Gift Pack

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"Pure Single" rum can be thought of like Single Malt Scotch. "Single" refers to rum that comes from only one distillery, as opposed to rums blended from multiple distilleries for  large-scale commercial rum companies. And "Pure" refers to 100% molasses based rums distilled only in copper pots. "Pure Single" rums showcase the place and methodology of each distillery at their finest. No additives or manipulation, just the best expressions of rums from some of the most established and respected distilleries in the world. Enjoy!

Hampden Estate 46%,  Trelawny Parish, Jamaica: Hampden Estate is one of the oldest sugar estates in Jamaica. This bottle of rum has been produced in a method that has largely been unchanged since the 18th century. The result is a spirit with incredible aromas, due to intensely high esters. The rum is aged in a tropical climate for 8 years, which can be compared to effect of 25 years of aging in a European climate. The nose comes alive with caramelized apple and sweet spices, and the palate is dry with wood, tropical fruit and resin. 

Worthy Park, Single Estate Reserve Rum, Jamaica: Founded in 1670, Worthy Park is the last remaining entirely Single Estate production rum distilleries on the island, and the last of two (along with Hampden) 100% Jamaican-owned Jamaican rum producers still in operation. The Estate has belonged to the Clarke Family since 1918, now led by Gordon Clarke.

Located in St Catherine Parish, close to the geographical center of the island, Worthy Park boasts over 10,000 acres with approximately 40% devoted to sugarcane. Worthy Park’s distillery is one of the last three traditional, 100% pot-still, Pure Single rum productions in Jamaica—and arguably the most modern.

Thousands of acres of sugar cane grown on the estate are turned into cane sugar and molasses without ever leaving the property, and that molasses is then used to produce rum distilled on Worthy Park’s 100% copper pot still. Aged in tropical conditions for 6-10 years in once-used, ex-Bourbon barrels, this authentic Jamaican Rum showcases the unique complexity and distinctive taste of the Worthy Park rums.

Aromas of banana, baking spice, tea, and fennel give way to sweet toffee and black pepper on the palate, followed by anise, allspice, and overripe mango. The long finish brings a whisper of cocoa nib, oak, and leather.

River Antoine, 'Rivers' Rum, Grenada: The River Antoine estate is the oldest operational distillery in the Caribbean to still function in much the same way as it did when it began producing rum in 1785. Whereas some distilleries have been in operation longer, all have been modernized in significant ways, and most produce rum that would be unrecognizable to the stuff they produced hundreds of years ago. Even Jamaica's Hampden Estate, considered one of the world's great operating "ancient" distilleries, looks positively modern when compared to River Antoine. Perhaps the most modern piece of equipment in use is a water wheel from 1840, used to power the crushing of sugarcane. If the river isn't flowing with enough gusto, no cane is crushed.

The distillery is located on Grenada’s northeast coast near the river of the same name, and makes rum from fresh pressed sugar cane juice from the estate as well as a small amount from other local farms. Stylistically this is similar to Martinique's Rhum Agricole, though the pot distillation to above 75% abv sets it apart. Shows notes of pineapple juice, banana, blackcurrant, and summer berries, followed by a hint of sour milk and tart gooseberry. The grassiness and brine of a classic cane juice rum is present, fighting for supremacy with an almost herbal savoriness.

Holmes Cay, Mhoba Single Cask Rum 2017, South Africa: Holmes Cay was created to seek out the world's best rums and release them unadulterated and at full strength. This release, a 100% pot still single estate rum made from fresh cane juice, comes from the Mhoba Distillery of South Africa. Fully aged at the distillery for 4 years in casks that previously held South African whisky, the rum was bottled in New York state at full barrel proof (59% abv). 

On the nose, there is intense spice, pineapple, grapefruit and a hint of chocolate alongside earthy minerality and subtle oak. The palate shows tobacco and vanilla alongside tingly pepper and some stewed stone fruit. The chocolate-cocoa character lingers behind on the finish, which sits on the tongue for a good long while. A very full bodied and characterful agricole style rum. 

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