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Fun and informative classes in our beautiful backyard! 

Classes are $35 each, and seven wines (or other tasted), with discounts available to all attendees on purchases afterwards.

Wine Class: Beaujolais



Discover why Beaujolais is the darling of sommeliers and other wine professionals.  We will present a selection of wines from this southern part of Burgundy, from crus including Morgon, Brouilly, Regnie, and Saint Amour, as well as a Pet'Nat rosé and a rare Beaujolais Blanc.

Wine Class: Pet'Nat & Cider



Petillant Naturel (Pet'Nat) wines are the the rustic cousins to sparkling wines such as Champagne and Cava.   These bottle-conditioned sparkling wines are natural, full of energy, and fun to drink!  We will also taste a selection of natural hard ciders to round our this tasting of "farmer fizz"! 

Wine Class: Rosé



We hope you don't wait until summer to drink rosé!   At drink we like to stock it all year round, but to kick off the summer season we are pouring seven our of current favorites from around the world.

Wine Class: South Africa



Discover some of the exciting wines coming out of South Africa, from both long-establish wineries and new up-and-comers!  Beyond Pinotage and Chenin Blanc we will taste and discuss a selection of wines from one of the oldest "New World" winemaking regions.

Wine Class: Sauvignon Blanc around the World



Our most popular white varietal at our store is Sauvignon Blanc.  At our class we will show the diversity of this varietal - and identify the common attributes across all examples - as we taste Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley, Bordeaux, and - very rare - Burgundy in France, as well as California. New Zealand, Chile, and Austria.

Wine Class: Italy - Off the Beaten Path



Want to reach past Chianti and Pinot Grigio next time you're shopping?   Want to know how to find a hidden gem on an Italian wine list?   We will explore some of the lesser-known varietals from all over Italy.

Wine Class: Rosé



Missed our first rosé class?  Can't get enough of the pink?   We will taste seven rosés from all around the world, including some rare and unusual examples.

Wine Class: France - Off the Beaten Path



Many regions and grapes from France are world-famous, and their styles are replicated around the world.  Yet there are many wonderful regions, and grapes, lying just a little past their better-known neighbors.  Join us on a discovery tour of some of our famous less-well-known French wines!

Wine Class: Sparkling Wine around the World



Champagne!  Prosecco!  Cava!  ... and more!  Our class will present some of our favorite sparkling wines from a variety of different regions and grapes.   We will discuss the history and techniques used to produce sparkling wine as we taste our way through seven different wines in our beautiful back garden.

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